Life Really Does Still Go On

Life Really Does Still Go On

So food-wise we've been good, I've substituted 3% fat cream cheese instead of butter or mayo on wraps, made a lovely tomato salad to go with pitta - all our home grown tomatoes, just with extra virgin olive oil, basil and salt. For tea we had the lovely mackerel roasted with crushed new potatoes and then Husband#1 made fish in tomatoes with olives - all lovely. Last night we had a blue cheese (St. Agur) pizza with balsamic caramelised red onion and a few tomatoes. St. Agur cheese has to be the best blue ever. Today we're both cooking, which is quite exciting, and I'm just blogging whilst Husband#1 is making Ina's Scallop Gratin (who else's?). I made the starter, which used home grown green and yellow French beans, which I blanched a couple of days ago, mixed with home grown tomatoes, black olives and Feta cheese. Actually, it wasn't Feta, it was a Low Fat Greek Salad Cheese - but still good! I added a little basil and a balsamic dressing, it was really nice.

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