Life on Planet Grumpy

Life on Planet Grumpy It's official, I'm tuning into a grumpy old woman. Maybe it's my hormones, or maybe I have unrealistic expectations that the simplest of tasks could go right first time and with the minimum of fuss. Obviously this is too much to ask. I'm left wondering if it's just me that's feeling grumpy with modern life and lack of customer service, or are there things in your life that don't impress too?

In case you hadn't already noticed... this is a ranty post. And if you choose not to read any more, I completely understand. You're free to go.

Still here, I did warn you...

I like to think I'm a fairly nice person and that I always treat others the way I wish to be treated myself. I'd never deliberately set out to hurt anyone's feelings and I've tried to bring my daughters up to be respectful and kind. I volunteer as a teen mentor, share my home with a rescue cat and regularly dish out chocolate bars to the homeless.

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