Life Lessons: How to have the wedding you want

Life Lessons: How to have the wedding you want

Dear children,

13 years ago today your Dad and I had the most amazing party. It was bonfire night, and we’d booked fireworks for our wedding celebrations. There was an Abba tribute band, terrible food, and too much wine; no-one wanted to go home. Looking back, I wouldn’t have changed much of that day at all, but there were many things I wished we had done differently in the months preceding our big day, and a couple of them have nagged at me over the years.

When your own big days come – if and when you decide the time is right – you will do it all your own way. And so you should – no-one, just no-one has the right to influence a couple’s plans for their wedding day, in my opinion. But for what it’s worth, here are the things I learned, with hindsight.

How To Have The Wedding You Really Want

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