Life, blogging and everything inbetween

Life, blogging and everything inbetween

It’s been almost twenty-one months since I made my very first tentative steps in to the blogging world. I don’t really remember what prompted me. It was probably a mixture of being homesick and wanting to put pen to paper to make sense of our life in Switzerland and also being a bit fed up of writing about bankruptcy, redundancy and cars at work.

I had no idea where it would lead, whether anyone would be interested or take the time to read, or if I’d even keep it up. However, it’s ended up becoming something that I love. A place to record wonderful memories, whine about the days that don’t seem to have an end, have the conversations that I used to have in my head, and also to ask questions and receive amazing advice. All from the comfort of my sofa. How awesome is that?

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