LGBT Adtion & Fostering Week

Apparently more than a third of LGBT people believe their sexuality is a barrier to becoming a parent. Which is a real shame. Most councils welcome LGBT people - whether singles or couples - as adopters and foster carers. With more than 6,000 children nationally waiting for an adoptive home and 8,600 foster families needed nationally this year alone, LGBT people can make a really valuable contribution to some of the most vulnerable children out there. Which is why I was REALLY FLIPPING WOUND UP when our local radio station talked about LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week by talking to one of the most bigoted women I have ever had the misfortune to hear on the radio.

According to her, children do best with a mother AND a father. Not two mums, not two dads, not a single parent, not a parent and a step-parent. So I guess a child is better off with married parents where there is domestic violence, drugs or neglect in the home than two loving mums or dads?

I think we all know this is complete nonsense.

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