Letters To Peanut – A Highland Tale

Letters To Peanut – A Highland Tale

I have captured a few memories for you to look back at one day – maybe you will remember those dreamlike holidays when you are half way up your first munro that has a lisping Gaelic name.

Love Mum Xxx

1. Swollen skies, surging streams I point at a tree You shake the rain out of it

2. A seal plays peekaboo in see-saw waters The boat rocks and I pray to the gods of mighty seas You bark and I tighten my squeeze

A Highland Tale

in a glen of steaming hills dragon feet rest

a duvet of lime moss and purple heather shields them against dreich Highland weather

said feet and their owners long forgotten when other mythical beasts left as time and people cut their way through the bushy mists

we tread gently

let the fierce creatures sleep in peace like they have done for thousands of years

or at least


you hate the look of a tree your dad’s warm words and my honest hand

the dragons blink to wild screams of the one and only banshee brought back to torment their dreams

they sigh they snap they flee

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