Letter To An Unknown Soldier

Letter To An Unknown Soldier

I saw this a while ago and I instantly loved it.

“A new kind of war memorial made by thousands of people… “

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of World War 1, our family has been affected by war. My mum was born in the 2nd World War and spent years saying goodbye to her Uncle as he went of on the ships and fought for his country. He is still around today and Baba loves to hear his war stories, his adventures and his tales.

Our family was affected most by war when Mr L’s best friend and Baba’s Uncle was killed fighting for our country. Baba knows more about war than he should, you can’t help it with what has happened. We started explaining things simply, but as he has got older he has asked more questions.

He knows war involves bad people, he recognises and is very respectful at war memorials and I think he will be pleased to have the option to be involved in this memorial.

In Paddington Station in London, on Platform One there is a statue of an unknown soldier, who is reading a letter.

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