Let's make Mummy smile!

Let's make Mummy smile!

I was 38 weeks pregnant. I was tired. Grouchy. Feeling like a HIPPO and needed this little bundle out of me! Or that's how my current mood on this morning was making me feel.

Being pregnant is tough at the best of times. But in that final stretch, when you can see that finish line....everything your feeling, the emotion, anxiety, excitement and tiredness, heighten! TEN FOLD!

So there I was, sitting at the PC desk, wallowing in something to distract me from looking at the clock, hoping the minutes, hours, days would fly by a little quicker. When the kids said to me...

"Mummy look at us" they chimed.

Well, I did...and as soon as I clapped eyes on them I bust.out.LAUGHING!

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