Let's go on an Adventure! - Discovering Estuaries

Let's go on an Adventure! - Discovering Estuaries

We are really lucky, having the wonderful Woodbridge Estuary on our doorstep. The River Deben starts in Debenham, Suffolk and travels towards the sea passing through Woodbridge before reaching the sea at Felixstowe Ferry. Fun Facts about Estuaries

Do you know what an estuary is? It's salty water on the coast partly enclosed by land, with one or more rivers flowing into it, and an exit to the sea. So basically it's where the rivers(s) reach the sea.

A Tide Mill uses the ebb and flow of the tide to turn a water mill and generate electricity. The Woodbridge Tide Mill has been preserved and is open to the public.

The Deben estuary is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is protected. It is a truly beautiful place to visit, whatever the weather - but particularly stunning in the sun! 

Woodbridge has a famous Tide Mill, one of few left in the country. 

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