Let's Go Choo Choo Around The World!

Let's Go Choo Choo Around The World!

I have been on hiatus with my brains. Or my brains have been on hiatus with my body. Or my brains are on hiatus. Ha-ha. Lazy. Tired. Sleepy. I wish I could be all those but motherhood forbids me bahahhaa.

So I came across this article on Facebook and woaaaah was I blown away! I have always dreamt about travelling via train and this dude here had done it!


I think this is pretty badass!

The kinda trip I really, really loike!

1. mingle with the locals 2. cheaper option to travel 3. slower pace to check out the view 4. adventure time!!

This would require more research than my OH HELL, LET'S JUST JUMP ONTO A PLANE trips.

I would really love to try a choo-choo train trip (besides a road trip hunting for surf) one day.

Probably when beans are all grown up and I have some retirement money. ahhawhawhawhahawhawhaw. Huh? What? What retirement??! In Singapore, I will work till I diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie.

Oh. I have some people asking me why would I trouble myself bringing Beans along on my trips and wouldn't it be more fun travelling without a kid.

My answer is; why the hell not?

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