Let The Studying Begin! »

Let The Studying Begin! »

When Baba was born I enrolled on a Creative Writing course, I have written about it before here.

I have moved it back and back each year, and last year I desperately tried to get back on track with it after having a couple of years break. But with Rhianna dying and then Mr’s best friend it was way too much so it got put back into a drawer and left there.

This week I resurfaced it, I spent an evening reading about colons, semi-colons, and hyphens and decided that I really needed to get my act together before I hit 33 and have a course that I have been doing for five years and nothing has happened with it.

I sent off an email to the student services of the Writers Bureau to check where I was with my studying and to explain my reasons for being the most useless student on the planet.

And waited.

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