Lessons Learned - kidGLloves

Lessons Learned - kidGLloves

Welcome everyone to Grace’s Gossip. This is a weekly post where I share with you what has happened to me over the last week.

On Monday I went back to school. I woke up on Monday morning and the first thing I said to my Mum was ‘Yippee, tomorrow is Tuesday and that means horse riding’! One of the things I asked for for my birthday is horse riding lessons and my Mum had said that it was ok. For my birthday I got a riding hat and gloves and my Auntie Harriette has also sent me a whip.

My first day back went ok and I was excited to see my friends then, the next day, we had a teddy bear’s picnic and we were all allowed to take our teddy’s into school which was great because me and the friends who came to my birthday party were able to take the bears that we made at Build-A-Bear :)

The first proper horse riding lesson went great!

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