Less Alone

Less Alone

Loneliness. It is a feeling we all have I guess, at one moment or another, and one of the hardest things to deal with, even today in the modern world, where everything looks so open and close and connected. Loneliness can still hit you anywhere, anytime and without warning. You can stand in a room full of people and feel totally alone. You can finish a visit to the doctors and feel all alone in the world. You can sit at the dinner table on a Friday evening, and feel lonely. Life is filled with lonely moments. Moments where you feel there is no one out there who cares, who understands, who've been through what you are going through. Life is full of moments where the dark hole of loneliness is all you can see, closing in on you. Loneliness can be connected to so many areas of life. When you have financial problems, when you have health problems, when you have a Special child, when you move a town or a country. There are others, of course, but these are my lonely areas, things we've been through these last few years that made us stare loneliness in the face.

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