Leek & Pea Soup

Leek & Pea Soup » Emily Beale Photography I’m starting the week with our favourite family soup recipe.

My boys used to hate it. The first time I made it for them, there was uproar around the table! But I persisted, and told the boys that eating it would give them ‘Pea Power’…

They thought that was fun and so it tempted them to try it just to prove I was wrong! They actually really enjoyed it. And now we eat this soup every month.

The recipe is really easy to follow, and most of the time I have these ingredients in my fridge. That’s probably the reason why we eat it so often.

I dare you to down load it and give it a go! If you’re family turn up their noses, just give them the ‘pea power’ line!

As with my other recipe cards, just click on the image below and download…

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