Leave our kids alone..!!

Leave our kids alone..!!

I’m not an angry person, I may feel a little annoyed or irritated quite regularly but pure raw anger is a new experience for me but I keep feeling it. Every time I hear another news report about reforms to our education system I feel the tears of anger and despair prickling behind my eyes. This frustration doesn’t stop there it’s getting more and more common when reading the school newsletter too. I keep getting a sense of ‘big brother’ tapping on my shoulder and whispering in my ear “we’re in control really”.

You see once you get a little bit angry it starts snowballing a bit!

It started last year when I accidentally booked a holiday that meant the children would need to take the last day of term off. Even though the children were only recently back in the UK system following our return from Ireland, I was mostly aware of the rules! The children were excited about their holiday and had told all their friends only to return home incredibly worried…

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