Learning to swim

Learning to swim was always a water baby, that’s what my mum used to call me “a little water baby”, I was often told that when I was taken swimming getting me out of the water was an absolute nightmare.

I remember loving swimming as a kid. Always diving under water, pretending I was Ariel from The Little Mermaid, all us girls did that, right. I may on occasion still do it… ahem.

Now my two don’t quite have the same affinity with water. They both like water and don’t mind occasionally going to the swimming pool, but they definitely don’t have the confidence that I remember having.

As Little miss is coming up to six years old we have decided that it’s time that she got confident in the water. I don’t need my children to be the next Tom Daley or Rebecca Adlington (however if they want to then by all means they can go for it!), but I think that it is so important that they learn to respect the water and how to handle themselves in it – just to keep themselves afloat long enough for help to arrive should they need it will do!

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