Learning to read

Learning to read

"There's an airplane in the sky" was the sentence that brought ears to my eyes last week and made my heart jump inside my chest at the same time. Because in the moment Yon said that sentence I forgot that there is no way he can really see that airplane, I forgot that he is sensitive to sounds and is probably just hearing it, I forgot everything I know about his condition and all I had in my head was one thought - Yon saw an airplane in the sky. In that second I forgot that kids with 40% vision don't see airplanes. In that moment all I wanted was to grab him and run home to test his vision again, prove that all the tests and the doctors were wrong. Prove that my son can see. Hope is a tricky thing. On the one hand it gets you through the toughest moments in life, those moments were you feel like you can't breathe, like you can't take another step, like you are just waiting for the other shoe to fall on your head. In those moments hope is the only thing you have to lean on, hope

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