Learning to learn

Learning to learn

Even with all the attention he gets because of his (still can't call his Ocular Albinism a condition. I've been staring at this screen for five minutes looking for a word to replace it. Disability sounds even worse. I will go with "needs") needs, Yon is still a second child, and I often feel guilty for neglecting him, for not giving him my full and undivided attention, for not giving him the same advantages I gave Ron. You see, he and I need to face those comparisons of "when Ron was his age", and both of us - Yon and I, always end up lacking. Because it is not easy being Ron's little brother, and if Yon doesn't know it yet, I am sure he will soon find out. Ron always wanted to study, and even if you didn't really want to teach him, he wouldn't stop until you taught him what it was he wanted to know. And as he was an only child for four years (at some points it seemed he will always be an only child) and I love teaching him, he enjoyed my undivided attention, my patience, and my teaching abilities.

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