Leap Pad 2: Worth the fuss?

Leap Pad 2: Worth the fuss?

In January Princess turned four.

Every year I say, I'm not going to make a big fuss as she most probably won't remember it. Well, those years are gone and she has now branched into the year where she does remember; and with her starting nursery and the other children having parties, Princess was even more aware.

So, despite the snow threatening to ruin the afternoon, Princess and twelve of her friends enjoyed running about in an indoor play centre, followed by a light dinner and birthday cake.

Once home, presents were opened and I gave princess a gadget I thought would really help with her learning as well as keep her entertained during car journeys and such.

The such gadget is a Leap Pad 2.

We'd seen the adverts, I'd read the reviews, yet when it came down to buying it, I was torn.

Should I get a leap pad 2 or a child friendly tablet?

Is she too young?

Maybe I should just get a doll.....

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