Layer Up this Winter: Ten Essential Items for Women

Frosty leavesBrrrrrr, it’s a bit nippy outside! Rather than hiding away from the cold though, wrap up a little warmer and brave the elements – you’ll be surprised at how snug you can be when you add a couple of layers to the outfit! Whether you need something to go over one of your casual dresses (or you want to treat yourself to one of George at ASDA’s casual dresses and wish to add a cardigan or jacket to the ensemble), there are ten must-have pieces that can be layered up to look fabulous with any outfit. Update and refresh your wardrobe with some of these staple items and you’ll have fashion covered for the winter and beyond!

Skinny Jeans

Pick up a pair or two of skinny jeans that will go with any colour combination; a pair of black and a pair of denim blue would be enough to get started. Whether you want to dress them up with a pair of heels, you need to run to the shops and plan to throw on your winter boots, or you’re popping for a drink down the local with your girlfriends and are comfortable in a pair of ballet flats, skinny jeans will look fab regardless.

Cashmere Sweater

Pop a cashmere sweater over a pretty blouse and a pair of skinnies and you have yourself a perfect daytime look that oozes casual, yet stylish.

Long Sleeve Tops

Wearable as a base underneath a nice cosy sweater or cardigan, while just as stylish on its own, long sleeve t’s should be a mainstay of every winter wardrobe. Brighten up your day and wear a bold and bright colour too!

Denim Shirt

They’re back in fashion at the moment and it’s understandable why! Dress a light denim chambray blouse with a pair of darker denim jeans and some flats. Add a chunky knit cardigan to the mix and you have yourself an effortlessly stylish look.

A Coat or Jacket

The brighter the better, particularly if you’re planning to wear it over a simple denim or black ensemble. Your jacket is the first thing that is seen on a cold day so make sure it stands out!

Knee High Boots

There’s nothing better than sliding on a pair of sleek knee high boots for a timeless and effortless look during the winter months. There are plenty of styles to choose from to suit your personal preferences, too.


Sometimes, you just don’t feel like wearing jeans or trousers and when this day arrives, a sweaterdress is where it’s at. Add some knee high boots and a pair of thick tights if it’s particularly chilly outside and you have yourself an easy, stylish look.


It’s up to you the style you go for, but the printed scarf helps to make a statement on a cold day.

A Tailored Dress

Even though it’s winter, you may still require a simple, smart shift dress, so it’s always handy to have one in your wardrobe for such an occasion.

Open Front Cardigan

If you just need a layer to sling on when it’s a little chilly, an open front cardigan would be the ideal option.

It may be winter but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress! Update your wardrobe with some of these essentials and you’ll be ready for anything!

disclosure: this post is brought to you in association with ASDA


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