Lawrence in Arabia by Scott Anderson

Lawrence in Arabia by Scott Anderson

Lawrence in Arabia is a remarkable book by Scott Anderson. Forget for a moment, the Hollywood epic that made Lawrence a well-known figure throughout Britain, and concentrate on the real person that Lawrence was, a commoner who revolutionised the Middle Eastern conflict even though he was just a traveller.

An archaeologist by profession, in 1914, Lawrence was being a busybee whilst excavating ruins in the sands of Syria, with no clue to what lay in store for him in the future. A few years later in 1918 Lawrence became a national hero for his efforts in securing peace for the Arab people, battling both enemies and his own government to do so.

His allies, a fellow German archaeologist, an American oilman, and a vigorous Zionist, together hatch several plans and get themselves involved in war, for all it’s glory and its grandeur.

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