Launching #BringBackPaper

Launching #BringBackPaper

I love browsing pretty stationery and choosing books. Receiving them is a delight, and if you’re ever needing to buy me a gift, you won’t go far wrong with a book or a pen! And on the subject of books, I do mean books, not e-books. I’ve yet to submit to a Kindle, though I know there are plenty of positives to them as an avid reader, but for me, I want that book in my hand.

So with a love of snail mail, list-making, books and of course, cards and stationery, I launch #BringBackPaper.

Every Wednesday on the blog, I’ll be sharing something papery. This is all things for everyone – non-bloggers are so very welcome to join in :-) Book swaps, stationery give aways, stationery goody packs, guest posts, papery features, activities to get involved in - you name it, we're doing it!

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