Launching a New Linky: Read All About It

Launching a New Linky: Read All About It I think one of my favourite things about reading blogs is getting to hear so many different opinions. I believe you really get to know people by finding out their view of the world. I love reading all kinds of blogs, but some of my favourite posts (apart from the ones featuring beautiful interiors) are the opinion pieces on current affairs. I love when bloggers take a news story and give their opinion on it, sharing their life experiences and expertise as they write down their thoughts.

With that in mind, I thought I’d try setting up a Read All About It linky so that all of these current affairs posts could be collected in one place. I’d love to read all of your news posts, and I’m sure other people would too. Your posts can be about local news, national news, political news or whatever kind of news interests you. It could be a ranty response to a newspaper column, or a post welcoming some changes in your local area.

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