Late Night Ponderings

Late Night Ponderings… | Stephanie Croydon

...As i haven’t been up to as much creatively as i had planned i picked up an art book to flick through in bed. I bought my Elaine Pamphilon book when i went to the Tate a few weeks ago (read about that HERE). Looking at her paintings got me thinking about surfaces and composition. I love the simplicity, colour, texture, lines. Its uncomplicated. When i go back to uni i want to enjoy my work, be free and not so precise, i don’t want to be stressed trying to get an end/finished piece. I have always loved texture and i want to show this more.

Today at work i helped out on two abstraction courses. The students started off sketching a still life arrangement. Not looking at the paper, being quite free with the charcoal, using viewfinders, moving in close, focusing on shape, colour, tone, layering objects, using collage and paint. All useful to remember in my own work and really helpful as i feel really drawn to be more abstract with my work....

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