Last Random Thoughts of my Thirties

Last Random Thoughts of my Thirties

Today is my last day in my thirties, and am celebrating my imminent elderly status by going to playgroup, and by leaving you with some final realisations and ponderings.

Rod Stewart is less shit, and far funnier than I gave him credit for. I am sure it will be a great relief to him to hear that I have re-adjusted my Rod-Stewart-Default-Setting-Dial from 'shit' to 'nice chap, some great songs, very funny, sometimes still shit, occasionally sexy'. It is much harder to fit all of that on the dial of course, but out of fairness it must be done. Well done Alan Yentob and the BBC chaps for a fine show, now can you please commission a whole series of 'Ronnie and Rod'- best double act since Morecombe and Wise.

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