La Tarte Tropézienne - the star of St Tropez

La Tarte Tropézienne - the star of St Tropez - The Lou Messugo Blog

If ever there's a cake that evokes summer holidays, the beach, the sun and the Med, it's the Tarte Tropézienne. A fluffly light buttery brioche, with a hint of orangeflower water, filled in the middle with a mix of two creams and sprinkled on top with crunchy sugar. Oh heaven! Until I moved to "summer-holiday-land" this cake would take me there if ever I needed a fix of southern warmth. Now, I don't need that fix as I live here but that doesn't stop me from indulging every so often in this wickedly delicious cream pie. And a couple of days ago I tested the very original "trademark" tarte.

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