Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power

My parents often tell me that knowledge is power. And that it’s good to have a good education and to push myself as far and go as high as I can, because in life, people can take away all your possessions but the knowledge and information that you gain is there forever. When they first told me this, I didn’t really get it but now I do. With whatever knowledge that you gain in life, whether taught to you in school or not, it will help you in some way later on. Even teaching yourself new things like a new language or skill, can be the foundation to bettering yourself and being able to do new things.

Think about it, when you already have the knowledge about how to do a certain task or about a certain subject, even just a little, you are already ahead of the pack. Maybe you taught yourself a bit about how to play the guitar at home and then you decide to take a class. Even if it’s a beginners class, you’ll still be more advanced because you may already know the basics and have an idea of what to do.

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