Kitchenette, New York

Kitchenette, New York

I was eager to try the small independent places in New York, as well as some of the big names which I had craved since booking. Kitchenette is a small diner in the Downtown area of New York serving home cooked food all day long, in a quintessentially New York fashion. There's another Uptown, but this gave us an excuse to go exploring on the Subway. 

In 1994 two friends set out to create a place which was warm and cheerful, with food like mom used to make. It sounded absolutely perfect on a morning full of snow! It was so cold my nose felt like it may drop off.

Kitchenette is a colourful collection of pastel chalkboards, biscuits in jars, swirly cupcakes and polka dotted walls. The service is friendly and decorations made by children give the place a family feel.

We both ordered a coffee to warm up our frozen fingers, and an orange juice to give us the necessary slap around the chops needed to bring us back into the world of the living.

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