'Kiss My Bundt' - Raspberry and Rosewater Bundt Cake

'Kiss My Bundt' - Raspberry and Rosewater Bundt Cake

What I love about the humble bundt is its versatility. Whatever the occasion or cake club theme, I always have a bundt in mind! Although I adore my beautifully ornate tins available, I find my Anniversary tin is my go-to tool for pretty much anything and everything.

I often get over excited setting our cake club themes, and this month was no different. I'm a big fan of the Glam Rock/Hair Metal era, and knew the group would come up with all kinds of weird and wonderful cakes - which they did! I had no idea what to make... and then it came to me. It had to be Kiss! This cake wasn't all fur coat either, it had a delicate rose flavour to go with those kisses. The raspberry just stops the rose water being too fragrant.

Minus the make-up this is an elegant cake with a gentle essence of rose - a bit like walking through the garden in summer, or the scent of home made Rose Petal Perfume circa 1989. The small pieces of raspberry just add a little extra flavour.

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