Kids Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Kids Washi Tape Easter Eggs - Crafts on Sea

Yesterday stuck for something to do I thought it would be fun to decorate some Easter eggs with The Toddler. Naturally my first idea was a disaster so I had to quickly think of something else I had around the house. Washi tape! Of course!! I wasn’t sure if he’d fancy it but these washi tape Easter eggs were super popular with him.

To make them we merely got a packet of stylafoam Easter eggs (£1 from The Works if you’re on the hunt for some) and covered them in bits of washi tape. As my son is only three I had to help him tear the washi tape. Apologies for the fact that there aren’t more action shots here but naturally I ended up feeding the baby at the same time. I am pleased to report that you can tear washi tape while holding a bottle under your chin.

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