Kids’ Small Bedroom Furniture Solutions

Kids’ Small Bedroom Furniture Solutions

It is no secret Buba is tall for his age. He is fast outgrowing his little toddler bed that I hoped he would be in until he was long into school before I had to start my search for his big boy bed. Unfortunately with him starting school in September and his head and feet nearly touching both ending of the toddler bed it’s time to start my search early.

Another thing that will be pushing me to find his big boy bed is Missy Moo is nearly two years old now. I know! I can’t believe it either and will need a toddler bed which I will be gifting Buba’s toddler bed to her. We have been lucky enough with their age gap that every time Missy Moo is about to move up a stage, Buba is about to grow out of it. We have saved loads just using Buba’s car seats, cribs, nursery sets, and even many of his baby clothes.

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