Kids Company Christmas Appeal - Give them some love!

Kids Company Christmas Appeal - Give them some love! - Over there to Here

Thousands of children will have a beautiful Christmas day, surrounded by love, fed a wonderful meal, open presents thanks to UK’s Kids Company Christmas Appeal. But I’m not talking about a cuddly, warm scene in their own homes. No. The opportunity for them to be happy, feel safe and to fill many of their empty bellies will be thanks to the Kids Company Christmas Day party in London.

Kids Company makes them smile. Gives them opportunities. Unlike in their own homes. That is, if they even have a home.

Kids Company will be their family on the day. They won’t feel lonely. They won’t feel terrified. They won’t feel hungry. They won’t be brutalized. They won’t be cold. No. They’ll laugh, be surrounded by friends and people who care about them…who love them…who help them.

Kids Company Christmas Appeal - help spread the word But this charity needs our help to make this happen. Which is why I’m hoping to spread the word about the Kids Company Christmas appeal...

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