Kids Clothes: The Gender Wars

Kids Clothes: The Gender Wars

You know the story: walk into a clothes shop (or search online) and you immediately have to choose which path you go down – blue for boys, pink for girls; camo and skulls for boys, glitter and princesses for girls. Who’s to say my boy doesn’t want a bit of sparkle on his clothes or my girl can’t wear black?

Why no ditch gender divides with clothing and, instead, group clothing together by things such as “ADVENTUROUS, HEROIC, FUNNY, CUTE, CLEVER, EDGY, CASUAL, SMART"?

I am rather taken by the recent trend in really bloody lovely kidswear. When you buy independent kidswear, you know that it will last more than one child and, most likely, that you’ll be supporting some brilliant, probably local, entrepreneurial parent who wants something better for their kids.

Tootsa Maginty has been championing unisex kidswear for a few years. They promise colourful, quality, children’s clothes for boys and girls “that won’t fall apart in the wash”. Boys&Girls go for a bright, outdoorsy urban look. Loveitloveitloveit sell all sorts of non-gender specific kids brands, sorted by colour. Pom Berlin has fun bunting prints on slouchy sweat pants and jumpers and eye-popping prints on skirts.

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