kid GL loves....Bush Skills at Forest Holidays. - kidGLloves

kid GL loves....Bush Skills at Forest Holidays. - kidGLloves

One of the things that we booked before we went to Deerpark, Forest Holidays was the Bush Skills. It was a Ranger event that we could all do together – even Ash the GL Gang dog. The Mothers booked it for Saturday afternoon but it had all been a bit busy by then what with the Duck Race and the Pond Dipping (which included us!). Martin, the Ranger, was very kind and said that he would delay the start time from 2pm to 3.30pm so that the grown ups could sort themselves out a bit!

We set off from where the duck race had ended that morning and we were given some maps to follow and a list for a ‘scavaging hunt’. We went across the bridge and then up the hill. One of the doggies licked Grace on the lips! At the top we found a caterpillar and Martin told us that it was a moth caterpillar because they are darker and less green than a butterfly caterpillar. Martin then picked what looked like some stalks and peeled them to show some fluffy stuff inside which you can make a fire with.

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