Kick off the Football Season with Wall Stickers

Kick off the Football Season with Wall Stickers

The new football season has kicked off and your child’s favourite team is battling it out to see who will win the league and who will be relegated. The Premier League this season is looking to be exciting with changes in managers for the top three clubs and last year’s champions Manchester United currently ranked third by the bookies. But what does this have to do with Kids Wall Stickers? Well apart from being partial to watching a bit of football, the real answer is that I have some great football wall stickers. For fans of last season’s top three clubs, Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea plus Liverpool the club themed sets of wall stickers are a must have accessory for creating that football club themed room. Whilst I currently only have wall stickers these four teams I am hoping to be able to add more clubs to the range soon. - See more at:

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