KFC Slimming World Style 'Kentucky Fried Chicken'

KFC Slimming World Style 'Kentucky Fried Chicken'

One of the things I missed most when I first started Slimming World was my takeaways, Chinese was reasonably easy to adapt but McDonalds and KFC would something to be reserved for special occasions and 'off plan' days.   Eight years later though, and with a huge increase in information available online there are tons of 'fake away' recipes to choose from.

After the success of my 'Big Mac in a bowl' last year I decided to try the 'KFC style chicken' recipe I'd seen doing the rounds online. It was a huge hit with the whole family, and although not exactly the same as the very moist and fatty pieces of chicken on the bone that you get in a Bargain bucket, it was very similar to the popcorn chicken and the fillets - certainly fills a 'KFC need'.

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