Kermesse - a School Fête, Normandy Style

Kermesse - a School Fête, Normandy Style

Last Sunday was Ben's school Kermesse. The word is derived from 2 Dutch words for church and mass but has now come to mean various festivals including the equivalent of a UK school fête. However a Kermesse is nothing at all like a school fête I had ever been to before coming to France.

In previous years the Kermesse has taken the following form for us:

Arrive at the allotted time of 12 noon Realise no-one else is there yet and hang around Head home when you remember you have forgotten that you need to bring plates and cutlery etc to eat your meal Eat a meat heavy BBQ Hang around waiting for something to happen (there *may* be a rather bad magician to entertain you in this interlude) Watch a "spectacle" put on by all the children - usually dancing or singing Buy tickets so boys can play games (catch the duck, knock over the tins, football goal game etc) Watch boys win tickets of different colours Watch boys swap tickets of different colours for generally rather naff prizes. Head home wondering what that was really all about and where was the cake stall?

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