Kenny the Kangaroo Backpack Safety Harness & Reins Review

Kenny the Kangaroo Backpack Safety Harness & Reins Review

Here at baby-a we were sent a beautiful “Kenny the kangaroo” backpack to test and Sydney was first in line to be chief tester. He excitedly opened the box and with an almighty awwww….he declared that he loved his new backpack a…..Squirrel!! We thought it was so funny that he thought it was a Squirrel but after lots of convincing, he now knows that it is indeed… a kangaroo!!!! Sydney already owns a backpack with reins which we have used none stop since the day he could walk and it has been amazing. With a new contender there was going to be a lot of comparisons and true opinions of the new “Kenny the Kangeroo” model. As we do not have a car, we walk everywhere or use public transport so Sydney’s current back pack has been invaluable in helping accomplish tasks of getting on and off buses and trains or simply walking whilst pushing the pram.

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