Kennett Timepieces - Lady Savro Watch

Kennett Timepieces - Lady Savro Watch

I have always liked the idea of owning a selection of watches to match to different outfits. I also try whenever possible to go for items that have been locally designed and produced. And if there is a story behind it, even better. The Lady Savro watch, a Kennett timepiece, happens to tick all the boxes.

In 2009, Tom Kennett was pondering what to give his father for his 60th birthday when he had an epiphany: As he shared with his Dad a love of watches, he would design one for him. And so the Savro model was born. The watch was a success and Tom left his father's firm to start his own. Four years later, the Kennett brand is a UK-based company, where all models are designed, assembled and distributed...

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