Keep Calm on Blog On

Keep Calm on Blog On

Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed…

Overwhelmed with all the decisions that I have to make.

What should I blog about?

Will anybody ever read it?

What exactly is my niche?

How much should I divulge about my family?

Should I join this linky or that one?

How many more badges do I need to put on my sidebar?

Do I need more pictures on my blog?

Should I join Pinterest out of interest?

Do I have time to read and comment on every single blog that I follow?

Will I ever become one of the cool, popular blogger kids?

Should I self host my blog? Should I leave the security of WordPress and jump into unknown waters?

All these issues really stem from one obvious question which is: Why did I start a blog in the first place?

I have to go back to the beginning and remind myself that I write because I enjoy writing.

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