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It’s the officially the Easter holidays. Yay!

Now what? Two or more weeks to fill. Sounds utterly bliss right?

What do you mean you’re not going on holiday? Ah, a staycation. Lovely. Nothing like just chilling with the kids.

What? They’ve been fighting non-stop. And you’re pulling your hair out as to what to do? Plus you’ve not quite saved the gazillion supermarket vouchers you need to go to LegoLand, Peppa Pig World, DisneyLand Paris, or outer space? Oh come on, you slacker.

Fear not, help could be at hand with Little London: Child-Friendly Days Out And Fun Things To Do – a gem of a guide to fun stuff do in the capital. Now before I get shouted down about life outside of the M25 (yes, I’ve heard it exists), Little London is a darling book for everyone and makes a perfect gift for those who don’t live within splashing distance of the River Thames.

I caught up with Kate Hodges, one half of the writing team behind the book, who in her own words is a ‘Writer, editor, bass player in Ye Nuns and The Hare and the Hoofe, and twin spawner,’ to find out more…

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