Kaffee und kuchen at Hotel Sacher, Vienna

Kaffee und kuchen at Hotel Sacher, Vienna

If you find afternoon tea too filling and are looking for something a little less formal but equally delicious, kaffee und kuchen is for you.

As a lover of afternoon tea, coffee and cake was definitely going to be on my list of things to do during a long weekend in Vienna. My cousin recommended Hotel Sacher for its grand design and popularity, and after a 10 minute queue along with all the other cake enthusiasts we were in.

Austrians spend hours enjoying kaffee und kuchen while catching up with friends or reading the paper on a lazy afternoon, but we were only in Vienna for a short time so we didn’t spend too long at the hotel although I can definitely see why people do. As a writer I found the whole experience to be a more cultured and inspiring version of Starbucks which, if the cliché is to be believed, is where all the struggling and tortured writers go on their quest to make it big.

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