Just my cup of tea

Just my cup of tea

My children do not understand my obsession with tea.  I love it.  When I'm at home, you will rarely see me without a cuppa either in my hand or somewhere close at hand.  I probably drink far to much to be honest but I can't help it; nothing makes me feel better than a good cup of tea. I do drink coffee, but only one cup (if that) a day.  I am a tea sort of a girl.

It is the first thing I have in the morning and the last thing I have before I go to bed.  Nice with a biscuit in the afternoon but the biscuits aren't essential.  The tea is.

I come from a family of tea drinkers and as a toddler, I can remember having tea in a sippy cup. Half tea, half milk with one sugar.  I even loved it back then and it has stayed with me.

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