Just another Manic Monday

Just another Manic Monday Why does Monday always come as such a surprise?

After all, it comes at exactly the same time each week. After Sunday. Before Tuesday. We should be ready for it. Shouldn’t we?

Yet every Monday morning me and millions of others are caught off guard. Even if we think we’re on top of everything.

Firstly, Monday morning is deadly for sleeping in. You’ve relaxed a bit over the weekend. The body clock’s a little out of kilter. And now the mornings are suddenly so much darker that you think it’s far earlier than it is. But it isn’t.

The girls aren’t helping. The drug effect of school has well and truly hit and all Beaver and Godivy want to do is sleep. Naturally, it’s having a knock on effect because like most parents, we are not used to waking at ‘leisure.’ So we don’t.

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