July Instagram Roundup

July Instagram Roundup » Emily Beale Photography We’re almost half way through August, and I’m still looking back to July – crazy!

This was what last month looked like from an instagram perspective.

The last few weeks at preschool.

My initials for a photography project (didn’t get too far to be honest – just to busy)

Summer deserts.

Produce from the garden.

Lunch out.


Focusing on what matters.

Work – photographing messy little ones!

End of year reports – wonderful for all my boys! Slinky untangling obsession – doesn’t everyone have one?

Beautiful flowers.

Feeling lonely.

The best dairy free ice cream recipe.

Writing our summer bucket list.

Starting the summer reading challenge.

Teacher gifts.

Last day of preschool.

Playing in the park – this was his first ‘death slide’ experience on his own.

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