Juice Plus, and A Size 16

Two weeks ago I decided that enough was enough, I have no control over food, I really don’t give me a diet and I will find a way to cheat it. I started talking to a couple of old school friends who have had great results with Juice Plus and I decided that this was the way forward for me. It was easy to get started, and involved me having a week-long detox and only eating clean foods, and getting my body rid off all the rubbish. I signed up for the Vanilla shakes and have replaced my breakfast and lunch with a shake that I also put fruit into. And I am loving it.

Basically Juice Plus is a complete 100% natural whole food that is made up from 17 fruit and veg in each shake. It is called a complete shake as that is all you need to have, but you can add fresh or frozen fruit to it as well. And I love varying the fruits, having tried strawberries, bananas, cherries and apples so far.

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