Josh's Dream - kidGLloves

Josh's Dream - kidGLloves

We have asked kids of bloggers to come over and join our GL Gang and you are starting to come forward so THANK YOU. Here is the first ever full member of our gang sharing his dream with us! We’ll hand you over to Josh:

Hi I’m Josh, Charlotte’s (aka Distressed Housewifefollow) eight year old son. I had a really good dream last night and wondered if I could share it with KidGLloves? Here it is:

Well last night I dreamt about being a spy and here’s how I got to be one in the first place. First of all I pushed a button on a snack machine that said, ‘Do not touch’ but I pressed it by accident and found myself in a secret room. There were buttons that said ‘Spy lab’ or ‘Prison’ so I pressed ‘Spy Lab’ and it was amazing what I saw. All of a sudden I saw a group of people and one cameraman. They had found an evil scientist called Mr Skinny Jeans so I came up to the boss and said, ‘What are you doing with this man?’ Then he said, ‘We’re going to take him to jail.’ Then I said, ‘Why?'

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