Joining the Juicing Revolution

Joining the Juicing Revolution After just a couple of days playing with my new toy, I'm well on my way to becoming a juice junkie. Quick; easy; delicious and good for you - what's not to like?

I've been sent the Philips Avance 800w to test out, and trust me, this bad boy puts my old puny juicer to shame. He used to hide, neglected at the back of my kitchen cupboard, unloved and barely used. It was such a hassle to take it apart, juice would seep into parts of the machinery it shouldn't. Scrubbing it clean was a nightmare, I could never get those annoying bits of pith and pulp out of the blade and worse of all, I lost most of the juice it did make as it dribbled out the spout, by-passing the glass completely and pooling in a sorry, sticky puddle on the work-top.

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