Jo Jingles - Music, singing and movement! (review)

Jo Jingles - Music, singing and movement! (review)

One of the best things about only going back to work part time is I still get to spend lots of time doing fun things with the children.  Princess and I are attending a concert on Monday but today little man got to enjoy some music time of his own.  We were invited to attended a Jo Jingles workshop of our choice and as Beckenham was the nearest to us we chose this one and were not disappointed. 

The class is normally run at Gambados at the price of £5.75 with free entry to the soft play area afterwards (normally £9.00)  which is already great value for money if you were thinking of going to the soft play anyway.  Due to flooding they are currently at Beckenham Spa, which still gives you free access to the spa's soft play area after the class but does mean if you drive in you have to pay a small amount for parking.

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