Jim Smith is not a Loser

Jim Smith is not a Loser It’s been the best part of twenty years since I last saw Jim Smith. We went to primary school together and then went our separate ways, but thanks to the wonders of social media we become virtual friends again a few years ago.

Now he’s the successful author and illustrator of the hit Barry Loser series, as well as the man behind Waldo Pancake, the sarcastic accessories brand. I was a little nervous when I sent him a cheeky email asking for an interview. Would I be ‘keel’ enough? Or would we run out of things to say? Luckily he was exactly how I remembered him, nice, funny and very talented.

With the third instalment of Barry Loser out this month, I caught up with him to find out about why stories about root beer don’t work, how laziness has been a big factor in his career and why he likes dead people.

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